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Karacotta Ceramics


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This is the ultimate sage bundle.

(1) The Eucalyptus Ritual Bundle includes potent, ethically-sourced, eucalyptus, all wrapped in white, organic cotton string. This special plant is great as a decongestant, and brings a purification and energizing quality to smudging rituals. The amazing fragrance is reminiscent of citronella, fresh grass, and ripe lemon.

(2) The Love Ritual Bundle includes potent, ethically-sourced, yerba santa, white sage, and lavender, all wrapped in white, organic cotton string. The combination of these plants and herbs, is said to help with healing from physical or mental ailments, and increase love, growth and empowerment by cleansing the heart chakra. The potent, herbaceous sage and yerba santa pairs beautifully with the calming lavender

(3) The Ritual Pop™, is a best-seller! We took everything we love about our original Ritual Bundles - the palo santo, homegrown rosemary and herbs, and fresh flowers, and turned them into the Smudge Pop! They're bound together with a proprietary blend of air-purifying local beeswax (so good for your home + soul!) and herbs, and should burn for around 100 cleansing.

NOTE* because of the nature of this product + color variations with herbs + flowers, each batch varies in color/tone/concentration of herbs. Each pop is weighed to ensure consistency in overall product, but please be aware these are handmade and will have variations.


Handmade in United States of America