Dryer Balls

Dryer Balls


Our dryer balls are an environmentally friendly, zero-waste staple for your daily cleaning routine.


Contains: 6 100% new Zealand wool balls, cotton carrying case


Use: Toss ALL OF THE BALLS dryer with the wet laundry to reduce static, soften and fluff laundry. Reduces drying time and helps clothes dry evenly. We like to scent ours with essential oils before use! DO NOT USE WITH FABRIC SHEETS. The fabric sheets will coat the balls with chemicals, making them less effective. 


Wool Dryer balls are hypoallergenic and replace hazardous chemical-filled*, synthetically scented dryer sheets. Fabric softener sheets, smell nice and reduce static. But did you know they are often linked to serious skin irritations, can aggravate asthma,  and can even have long term lasting effects your health as hormone disruptors.


-Shorten drying time by about 20% by wicking moisture from your clothes as they tumble and create space for heat to circulate more efficiently

-Reduce wrinkles as they tumble and soften your laundry naturally

-Reuse for 1,000+ loads - just leave in the dryer ready to go for the next load 

-Scent as you wish with your preference of essential oils


Also, they don't contain animal fat as an ingredient! Really?! Yes, really.


Disposal: Please compost at end of life.


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